iTunes is Apple’s media player, a platform that has been around for a while and keeps growing with its parent brand. The purpose of iTunes is to help creators share their content and have users stream and download it for a fee, which is then channeled to the creator.

The platform was originally designed purely for the music. However, as Apple grew and consumer needs changed, it expanded to accommodate other forms of content like podcasts, e-books, and poetry. It runs on iOS devices.

iTunes Expansion

Today, iTunes is used for more than just streaming. It can also be used by device owners to manage and organize different types of files including video and audio. iTunes software can further be used to rip music from external storage devices and store it on the user’s account. Files are stored on a cloud and are thus unlikely to be easily lost.

While the application has increased in functionality, it has also let go of some of the initial features. For instance, iTunes was mandatory for iPhone software upgrades and contact back-up in the past, functions which it has now let go of.


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