Music: The Earth’s Second Axis

Music: The Earth’s Second Axis

Wherever you go on this earth, music is an integral part of the societies you will find there. It is the language spoken to depict different emotions- anger, joy, and pain, name it. It is a language that has been around for ages; even religious books talk about music aplenty.

The universality of music is one of its most beautiful characteristics. They say that a good tune does not have to speak to you in words; it speaks to you in a language that only your heart understands. Which is why it is not uncommon to see people dancing to a song whose lyrics they know nothing about.

The beauty of music is why this article has been put together. This piece is meant to celebrate one of the greatest threads of the human fabric. It explores in detail the different aspects of music, focusing mainly on the different types of music, the musicians who rocked the world with their tunes and the places where you can find good music today. Such an interesting discussion, huh?

Expression of emotion

Speaking of genres, music is almost impossible to group into fixed categories. Each style borrows from the other and the messages are more often than not the same. Music expresses love, sorrow, joy, gratitude, ridicule, etc. It doesn’t matter whether it is a hip hop jam or a reggae tune; the emotions of the human heart always come to the fore.

Again, some music genres are so closely related that it is almost impossible to tell them apart. A not-so-ken ear may not be able to differentiate some soul tunes from some country hits. Many people will find it hard to draw a clear line between reggae and dance-hall music. And you don’t have to, really. The first and basic act is to enjoy the music. As Bob Marley said, the beauty of it all is that when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Popular Genres

In this piece, thus, we explore just a number of popular music genres. Some categories are included together in a blanket category that combines their characteristics. That said, the explanation you get here will come in handy in helping you differentiate the different genres and picking the one that works best for you.

Some genres will reveal some interesting facts you may not have noticed before. In blues, for example, the dance moves go ‘on the beat’ while in reggae they move ‘off the beat.’ This might be the reason you find it easy to dance to one particular genre and struggle to keep up the pace in another. Well in; hop on for a deep, well-researched piece on the second axis upon which the earth moves.


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