Soundcloud is probably the simplest music sharing platform you will come across. It is a pioneer in the audio distribution and access industry. It is used both for music audio tracks and podcasts, the latter which have become largely popular in the recent past.

The platform has been around since 2007, always growing and evolving with the audience which it serves. It can be accessed from pretty much every internet-enabled mobile or computer device. The retrieval and upload process is very easy.


Creating an account on Soundcloud is free, and a limited amount of content can be accessed without payment too. However, users who wish to get the most out of the platform can pay for different levels of access. A paid subscription is friendly, ranging between $5 and $10 each month. A free one-month trial is also available to new users.


Soundcloud’s interactivity is simply amazing. Whether it is sharing tacks with friends or simply saving favorites, there really is no complication at all. It also has a blog-type section where all the latest trends are discussed to ensure that users are never left behind. After more than a decade of existence, Soundcloud continues to underline the ingenuity of simplicity.


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