How Music Can Improve Your Health

How Music Can Improve Your Health

It is well known that music can be a great healer and can aid physical and mental wellbeing. Whatever music you enjoy, what could be better than listening to your favourite songs or musical pieces to help your recovery after some invasive surgery or procedure? Music is known to speed up recovery from such medical conditions by calming you down and speeding up the healing process. Any type of music is suitable from heavy metal through soul to classical pieces. All genres can achieve the desired effect. So if you are planning to have a breast augmentation, then why not check out Motiva, which offers some of the best and most advanced surgical breast treatments available? Whether you are suffering from the after-effects of cancer or would just like to change the look of your breasts, Motiva can offer the perfect solution.

Why Choose Motiva?

Motiva prides itself on offering the best treatments available. Their process involves a stepped approach where they, first of all, introduce you to a top specialist in breast augmentation. The medical consultant will initially arrange an appointment to discuss your surgical goals. The consultation process aims to collaborate with the surgeon to achieve the best outcome to meet the patient’s aspirations. Be assured that their techniques and materials benefit from the finest quality materials featuring their SmoothSilk process, which is biocompatible to best suit your body.

What Else Do Motiva Offer?

They only use the finest quality implants, such as:

  • Ergonomix; designed to mimic, feel and look like natural breast tissue
  • Motiva Round; offering balanced softness and firmness while creating a full and round breast shape
  • Anatomical True Fixation; designed to create a natural teardrop shape that is rotation resistant

Motiva offers the most advanced surgical procedures to provide a fully customised patient experience to give your breasts the desired shape and consistency. The process involves minimal scarring and reduces these to less than half the size of conventional surgery. With comprehensive post-operation support, anyone can safely achieve the look of their dreams.


The famous literary quote from William Congreve, “music can calm the savage breast”, is just as relevant today as in 1697 when it was first published. Nowadays, people prefer the Beatles or the Rolling Stones or more up to date music such as hip-hop and grunge. If you have a particular favourite, there is no doubt it can help you to recover from the surgical journey to breast augmentation.


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