Top Music Genres 2020

Top Music Genres 2020

The music industry is a vast realm. With thousands, if not millions, of genres, not all genres are famous or successful. What are the most popular music genres on a global scale? This article seeks to answer this question.

Classical Music

Classical music enjoys immense popularity, and this is not expected to change any time soon. While orchestras might not be so mainstream, people of all occupations still listen to classical music. While old classical compositions are still famous, many young musicians are working tirelessly to contribute to this niche. With the youth coming on board, classical music will remain popular for some time.

Latin Music

Latin music was a niche genre in the seventies, but it has since gained immense popularity over the years. Latin summer hits often feature in music charts from all over the world. The realm of this music genre spans across the music industry from a rhythmical perspective, and are now a key parcel in mainstream music productions.


Rock music was born from the blues, which is also equally popular. This genre became popular in the Fifties in American and some parts of Great Britain, before spreading to other parts of the world. This genre has been evolving over the years; from the rough rock ‘n’ roll to complex styles such as progressive rock. While it still enjoys massive popularity, it has since started losing its spot in the charts.


This music genre started in the 80s. This genre can be described as an encounter of the spoken word with electronic sounds. Hip-hop music has been evolving over the years, with its sub-genres such as rap and trap filling the music charts.

The beauty of music is dynamism. And trends evolve rapidly, thanks to technological advances such as the internet and social media. This list is far from comprehensive, but it undoubtedly captures some of the most popular genres in the music industry.


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