Music and Osteoarthritis

Music and Osteoarthritis

Undoubtedly, if you are suffering from osteoarthritis in your knee or both knees, you will suffer pain and stiffness in your joints. Ensure that you see your doctor at the first sign of any symptoms who will prescribe appropriate medication, treatment, and an exercise regime to alleviate the condition. Although this is a painful medical condition, it should not prevent you from appreciating the various forms of music available.

Benefits of Music for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Nowadays, music is accessible to everyone, and osteoarthritis is no barrier to listening to your favourite style of music. No matter if you like heavy rock, blues, or any other form of music, then you can play CDs, LPs, listen to the radio, or watch television programmes and films about your favourite bands. Since the knee osteoarthritis is likely to cause mobility problems, there is no reason for you not to be able to relax while listening to music in the comfort of your own home. Music can be calming and soothing, and so aid your well-being, taking your mind off your medical problems.

Being a Musician With Osteoarthritis

If you can play or would like to learn how to play a musical instrument, then many qualified teachers can visit your home to give you lessons. You can then practise to your heart’s content while seated comfortably. Since osteoarthritis causes pain when walking and moving about, then a sedentary hobby such as learning music can be a fun way of spending your time. If you become proficient, you could join like-minded friends, and fellow sufferers and form an online band. You can each play separately and then mix the parts together to form a song.

Whatever form of music you enjoy, it can be therapeutic to try to play along to some of your favourite songs. Anyone can download the song tabs giving details of the chords used etc. Alternatively, play along and try to learn the song by ear. Make sure you take breaks for regular exercise since it is essential to keep the joints moving. If you decide to go for a walk, you can still take your mobile phone or portable music device and listen to music via headphones. Various medical supports can be purchased to make your knees more comfortable when moving about. These can be used as part of the regime to manage the condition together with pain relief and weight loss. Ultimately the arthritis in your knees may require a total replacement of the knee joint. This is usually undertaken as a last resort and can restore near-normal mobility.


So having arthritis need not stop you from undertaking musical activities. Whether you just want to listen to your favourite music or learn a musical instrument, the choice is yours. You never know if you get good enough, you may even be able to join a band.


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