Vimeo is a video library that is based in the US, working to serve different categories of video content users. The platform allows consumers to watch videos for free or at a fee, depending on the category in which a video falls.

Users can just open a Vimeo tab on their browser and go ahead to watch videos without doing anything else. The search and retrieval process is quite admirable. However, free videos have a limit as some artistes have listed their content as premium.

Vimeo Subscription

To upload content, users will need to open a Vimeo account of their own liking. The cost of the account is determined by the amount of space a user wants to use. A Plus membership costs a friendly $7 a month while a PRO account may go for between $20 and $40 a month depending on the amount of space.

Vimeo’s main appeal is the audience that frequents the site, which is usually a youthful and hip majority. The group is looking for specific content and is unlikely to be found on other video platforms. The platform is also ad-free no matter what subscription you choose. This is definitely something any user will love.


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